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Getting Started

To start your driving lessons on roads in the UK, you will need to be at least 17 years of age, and have a valid Provisional licence. You can apply for your Licence online https://www.gov.uk/dvsa or from your local post office (D1 form) you can do this so long as you are a minimum age of 15yrs and 9 months old, and can read a number plate from 20 metres away.

Who Will Teach Me To Drive?

Terry, your ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) from your local area will provide your driving tuition. To find out more about Terry see our about us page.

How Many Lessons Will I Need?

The number of lessons you require will depend very much on you and your previous experience. If you have never driven before, you may need more lessons than someone who has driven a little before. On average, in the uk, complete beginners take 44 hours tuition with an additional 22 hours of private practice. Most people that have driven a little (before they commence lessons) or have more than 22 hours of private practice take less than 44 hours tuition. We endeavour to help you achieve your goal of passing your test as soon as possible.

What Will I Do On My First Lesson?

On your first lesson you will given an in depth briefing on how all of the controls of the car work, you will also learn how to move off, stop, change gear and if everything goes well we aim to introduce you to reversing. For the more experienced driver, we will tailor the lesson to your needs.


Special Offer

  • First 5 hours £150*

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  • First 5 Lessons £30 ph*
  • Standard Rate £35 ph
  • Standard 2 hour Rate £68
  • Intensive Courses from £32 ph
  • Block booking from £32 ph
  • Pass plus £240
  • ADI Training £40 ph
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* Special offer is an introductory offer for novice drivers only and cannot be used by experienced drivers. Standard hourly rates apply for further lessons.
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