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To become an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) there are three stages to go through. Firstly there is a theory test, which consists of 100 multiple choice questions over 4 different sections, to pass this part of the test you would need to get 85% of the questions correct.  There is also a hazard perception test which is a number of video clips where you have to identify and react to hazards within a certain timescale to score the highest score.

Once you have passed the theory test, you would then need to take an advanced driving test. This is to demonstrate to an examiner that you are capable to drive to a high standard, this would then set you in good stead to pass on your experience to learner drivers.

Once you have passed this section, you can then obtain a pink trainer driving instructor badge which enables you to teach pupils to drive and gain the experience required to pass the final test.

You will then be required to take a third and final test to show your ability to teach learner drivers the skills required to be a safe and competent driver. This test is done in two sections, the first part of the test is designed to show how you would teach a complete beginner to drive, by explaining everything in great depth to make things as clear as possible.

The second part of the test is then to teach a more experienced driver showing how you adapt the level of your instruction to their ability enabling the learner to show the knowledge they already have and for you to give extra hints to improve there all round knowledge.

Once you have passed your driving instructor training, you can then decide if you would wish to become a franchisee of Alliance School of Motoring or a stand-alone driving instructor. 

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